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Issue #2176 open
Roland Haas created an issue

Before each release, check that http://einsteintoolkit.org/gallery/bns/index.html still works and produces correct output.

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  1. Roland Haas reporter

    Still images can be created from movie frames produced by make_movie.sh script using:

    # create still images for website
    cp rho_000000000.png rho.png
    convert -extract 300x225+214+195 rho.png rho_4x3.png

    currently (as of hash 6db552c only rho_4x3.png is actually used).

  2. Beyhan Karakaş

    The gallery example “binary neutron star” was last successfully tested on 12 November 2020 and website was updated.

  3. Roland Haas reporter

    Uh right. The svn server svn.cct.lsu.edu was recently moved behind a firewall and is no longer publicly accessible. Though right now even when trying to access it from inside of LSU IP space (which worked fine yesterday) I get a error 500 internal server error.

    @Peter Diener @Steven R. Brandt is there a LSUThorns Bitbucket or github place where the thorns that wwere in https://svn.cct.lsu.edu/repos/numrel could be hosted? From the email that I received from IT support it seemed to me that the svn server would not be made public again (“svn access is restricted to internal users now.”).

  4. Roland Haas reporter

    For now I have put a copy of the required thorn (only the most recent revision which is all I had a copy of) to:


    and you should be able to use it with a GetComponents line like so:

    # LSU Thorns
    !TARGET   = $ARR
    !TYPE     = git
    !URL      = https://bitbucket.org/rhaas80/lsuthorns.git
    !REPO_PATH= $2

  5. Atul Kedia

    Yes, that seems to be working for me.

    Should I temporarily edit the thornlist on BNS website as well? Or we can discuss in the meeting tomorrow.

  6. Roland Haas reporter

    I would rather not point anything to my Bitbucket repo since that repo really just contains the single revision of the code. The svn server seems down right now so even from within LSU one cannot get a fresh checkout with all version history for git. Also since the thorn was developed at LSU I would rather not take ownership of it in my personal Bitbucket account.

  7. Atul Kedia

    Thanks for that.

    For the record, Presync enabled gives the following error:

    Required read for SPHERICALSURFACE::sf_area[0] (rl=0) not satisfied. Have Nowhere and require Everywhere missing Everywhere at the start of routine CarpetMask::CarpetSurfaceSetup. Current valid state:
    Valid entries: SPHERICALSURFACE::sf_area[0] (rl=0) Nowhere.

    Looks like an easy fix. I have no experience with both this thorn and presync to know how that can be done.

  8. Atul Kedia

    I reran the test on the Lorentz release version and am getting an error after certain time steps.

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "./simfactory/bin/../lib/sim.py", line 149, in <module>
    File "./simfactory/bin/../lib/sim.py", line 145, in main
    File "./simfactory/bin/../lib/sim.py", line 107, in CommandDispatch
    File "/afs/crc.nd.edu/user/a/akedia/etk_lorentz/Cactus/repos/simfactory2/lib/sim-manage.py", line 398, in main
    File "/afs/crc.nd.edu/user/a/akedia/etk_lorentz/Cactus/repos/simfactory2/lib/sim-manage.py", line 377, in CommandDispatch
    exec("command_%s()" % command)
    File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
    File "/afs/crc.nd.edu/user/a/akedia/etk_lorentz/Cactus/repos/simfactory2/lib/sim-manage.py", line 185, in command_create_run
    File "/afs/crc.nd.edu/user/a/akedia/etk_lorentz/Cactus/repos/simfactory2/lib/sim-manage.py", line 222, in command_run
    File "/afs/crc.nd.edu/user/a/akedia/etk_lorentz/Cactus/repos/simfactory2/lib/simrestart.py", line 1014, in userRun
    IOError: [Errno 5] Input/output error

    The two times I ran the test on Lorentz gave the same error although at different timesteps (t = 460 and t = 920)

    I last tested the simulation on 17/May based on the master branch of ET and the run looked good then.

    I think this is an issue on my machine’s end and I have some ideas for fixing it, and will be trying them until I post here again.

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