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Ian Hinder created an issue

The documentation page of the Cactus website,

currently consists of a main body of text and a sidebar on the right. The main body contains links to the PDF versions of some of the documentation, and the sidebar contains links to other pieces of documentation, some but not all of which are in the main body as well.

I propose that the sidebar is redundant, and not going to be noticed by most people as it is a sidebar, and should be removed. The documentation that is linked to from the sidebar should be linked to from the main part of the page, and the links should be to the HTML versions of the documentation. We could also provide links to the PDF versions as well, if anyone likes them.

We could also be more descriptive about what each piece of documentation is. For example, indicating which document new users should start with (User's Guide).

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  1. anonymous
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    I consolidated the links on the side bar and those in the main page. I also wrote paragraphs describing each link. I have yet to link to HTML pages, but am working on it.

  2. Ian Hinder reporter

    Raising priority of this ticket as the main Cactus documentation on the website is no longer working.

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