NewRad's extrapolation methods for Gammas expect ghost zones to be valid

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Issue #2182 closed
Roland Haas created an issue

The current stencil size for NewRad's extrapolation of the Xt (contracted Christoffel tensors) variables is 4 and the code checks for a large enough grid like so ( line 61ff)

if (dir[d]<0) {
  assert(bmax[d] + 4 <=
         (cctkGH->cctk_bbox[2*d+1] ? imax[d] : cctkGH->cctk_lsh[d]));
} else if (dir[d]>0) {
  assert(bmin[d] - 4 >= (cctkGH->cctk_bbox[2*d] ? imin[d] : 0));

which checks (eg for dir[d] > 0 ie an upper boundary) that, unless the lower boundary is a grid boundary, that there are 4 points between bmin and the beginning of the patch (0).

This therefore assumes that ghost points (points 0...cctk_nghostzones) are valid since they will be used if the grid is small enough (less than 4+2*cctk_nghostzones).

Currently this is not ensured by McLachlan and only points in the interior are valid.

This causes the attached parfile to produce poison in the output if run with 2 MPI ranks.

A fix would be to add a SYNC: ML_Gamma to ML_BSSN's ML_BSSN_InitialADMBase2Interior routine or to make the check in NewRad stricter, requiring that there are at least 4 points in the interior (which would also make the check simpler).

My feeling would be that this also explains NaNs that people have seen when running a TOV simulation with many MPI ranks.

I attach a sample parfile as well as sample output.

Keyword: ML_BSSN
Keyword: NewRad

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  1. Ian Hinder
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    What is the proposed change to the Kranc source file? Please make sure to test this thoroughly, especially with multipatch, e.g. for the BBH gallery example.

  2. Roland Haas reporter
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    I have to see how to actually make this change in the Kranc source. What one needs is a SYNC: ML_Gamma to ML_BSSN's schedule block for ML_BSSN_InitialADMBase2Interior. Suggestions on how to achieve this best would be very welcome.

    In theory as SYNC should always be harmless. I will run the BBH gallery example for a bit to make sure though. I have checked (before even creating the ticket) that adding the SYNC lets me run the previously failing parfile (which has no multipatch and no mesh refinement so is far from a production) without failures.

  3. Roland Haas reporter
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    I have created a pull request with the fix, namely changing InteriorNoSync to Interior in McLachlan_BSSN.m which SYNCs ML_Gamma, ML_dtalpha and ML_dtbeta which are exactly the ones that ExtrapolateGamma extrapolates.

    I have run the GW150914 gallery example for 256 iterations and verified that the checkpoints at it=0 and it=256 agree (bitwise, other than the parameters group) between executables compiled using InteriorNoSync and Interior.

    The pull request can be found here:

  4. Ian Hinder
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    Sorry, ignore the above, you already made separate commits. I was confused because bitbucket shows the result of the whole branch by default. PR accepted and merged.

  5. Roland Haas reporter
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    Thank you. No idea where the extra a in mclachlaan came from (must have hit "a" when copy&pasting the URL from the browser).

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