included walltime clock in CCTK_VWarn and CCTK_VInfo output

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Issue #2201 open
Roland Haas created an issue

To correlate events in Cactus with external events on a cluster (eg IO slowdown, node or network maintenance, network congestion events) it would be useful to (have the option of) including the current time in warning messages output by Cactus, eg something like:


for hours, minutes, seconds and fractions of seconds (which wraps around at midnight but that should be something that one can figure out).

Runtime in seconds would be less useful for this since one then has to check when the run actually started.

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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    The parameter setting cactus::info_format = "human-readable time stamp" should do this.

  2. Roland Haas reporter
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    Changing the default probably break people parsing scripts eg that look for the mass from TwoPunctures (see: and eg StringMatchQ["a Foo", "Foo" (* Foo is pattern *)] -> False).

    Having said that though: yes, I would think that changing the default info (and warning format) might be nice but will take two releases. Namely changing the defaults to:

    • Cactus::highlight_warning_messages = no
    • Cactus::info_format = "human-readable time stamp"

    the latter is a bit verbose since it contains the full date in the form "Wed Jun 30 21:49:08 1993" which is overkill and somewhat hard to parse while we would likely be fine with the HH:MM:SS part.

  3. Roland Haas reporter

    On second thought, I think the only change to defaults I would like to push for myself would be to make

    Cactus::highlight_warning_messages = no

    the default since it removes control characters from log files. Typically highlight_warning_messagesonly makes sense if Cactus’ log goes directly to a terminal since (by default) less or more will not interpret the control characters.

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