Meudon_Bin_NS parameter eos_table_filepath ignored by LORENE1

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Issue #2212 resolved
Roland Haas created an issue

It seems that only LORENE2 respects the parameter eos_table_filepath of Meudon_Bin_NS (which is passed on as an env variable LORENE_TABULATED_EOS_PATH by the Thorn and interpreted by the modified version of LORENE stored in LORENE2/dist/Lorene.tar).

Either LORENE1 should modified via a patch to support the same functionality or (less desireable) Meudon_Bin_NS should check the version of LORENE it is linked against or (even less so) there should be a comment in param.ccl warning that the parameter is ignored by older versions of LORENE.

Note that the check needs to be at runtime since we still must be able to build Meudon_Bin_NS against the old version of LORENE.

Keyword: Meudon_Bin_NS

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