Testsuite code should remove output directories before tests

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Issue #2222 invalid
Roland Haas created an issue

The current testsuite driver code does not remove output directories ins TEST/sim/THORN which can hide issues if a new revision of the code simply no longer produces an output file if an older test is still present.

There is also one test (Hydro_RNSID/rnsA2.par) that internally writes and reads data to a file while it runs. If the file is already present, then not all code is tested.

To test this, place a new file into an output directory, run the tests and the file will still be present.

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  1. Roland Haas reporter
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    The testsuite system does in fact clear the output directory (or at least all files of the form .). The code at fault is Hydro_RNSID's test which writes to he current directory rather than $parfile.

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