bitbucket does not send emails to

Issue #2225 on hold
Roland Haas created an issue

Trac used to sent emails to but the current bitbucket tracker no longer does so.

Users have to either "watch" the repository or (better) we need to add a http hook to send the emails once more:

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  1. Roland Haas reporter

    A simple hook has been set up to send trac-like emails to (this being the only(?) address the server lets me send emails to) so that not everyone is spammed by testing emails.

    The script is in hooks/issue_changed.php of the ET www repo.

    This can be made to work on a local machine for testing by sending emails to just $USER@localhost, setting up a hook in private repository and adjusting the hook UUID used for authentication in the script.

  2. Roland Haas reporter
    • changed status to open

    Emails are now being sent about tickets being created, commented on and their status being updated.

    There is no hook in place yet that would send comments from pull requests to yet.

  3. Roland Haas reporter

    Check back in May to see if indeed we need to change anything or if the assignee change only affects actual API calls and not data being sent to webhooks.

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