use bash_utils during ExternalLibraries detection phase

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Issue #2241 resolved
Roland Haas created an issue

A while ago (in 2015) we were re-vamping the ExternalLibraries search mechanism. While multiple methods were proposed (using a package manager, custom code in bash, perl) the only one that saw much progress if Frank Loeffler's code.

Right now many ExternalLibraries fail to detect themselves on "typical" Ubuntu based laptops because they do not handle Debian's multi-arch directory structure, giving the impression as if they were designed to always compile themselves (which was never the intent).

These pull requests make (some more of) ExternalLibraries use to have a more uniform and more functional interface to specifying their location throughout the toolkit:

This is a bit of a stepping stone as I would like to push itself towards a more well defined, and -- I think -- less surprising behaviour as outlined in: and a sample of how to use it is in .

Note that this is a bugfix as the current detection mechanism fails to find an installed copy of the library.

Note about the pull requests: on github you first enter all your code comments then click on "publish" or similar. If you do not then you are the only person seeing the comments. So it is a multi-step process. On the plus side this means that there is not one email per source code line comment.

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