incorrect use of "opcodes" for "operation_codes" param table entry in AEILocalInterp users

Issue #2248 closed
Roland Haas created an issue

Some thorns using AEILocalInterp incorrectly name the table of operation codes (plain interpolation, derivative, etc.) "opcodes" instead of the correct "operation_codes". Apparently an old api proposals (2.2) did indeed use "opcodes" and the affected thorns are probably descendants of a code using this early API.

The affected thorns are:

  • Outflow (probably the one disseminating the incorrect usage, and having picked it up from earlier codes at PSU and GT) maintained by @rhaas80
  • particle_tracerET maintained by @zach_etienne
  • plus a number of non-public Zelmani thorns (since they descend from Outflow)

None of the thorns actually produces incorrect results since they all set the operation to be 0 (plain interpolation) which is the default.

In all cases the fix is to change "opcodes" to "operation_codes" in the name of the table entry. Changing the name of the variables used to hold the operation codes is optional.

Kindly pointed out by @shawngr2 who ran into this when actually having to compute derivatives.

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  1. Roland Haas reporter

    @zach_etienne if you have time please review the pull request, apply and close my branch. The change is literally a s/opcodes/operation_codes/g.

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