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Issue #2258 resolved
Roland Haas created an issue

The current css does the following:

  • set the background to a light blue
  • set text colour to a darkish grey
  • hard-codes the font size of the main text to 14px
  • uses the Helvetica font which is very thin on a monitor
  • in changes the font size of the h1,…,h5 headings all the way down to h5 being xtra-small (which is neigh unreadable and seems inappropriate for a heading which I think should always be at least as large as the text it is a heading of)

The branch rhaas/white undoes the colours and hard-coded font size (resets to the initial css values) so that the user’s preferences in the browser are used. It also tries for the “Lato” font first (same one as used on which has a bit thicker lines. I have also updated boostrap to version 3.4.1 which is the newest 3.X version available right now. The results can be seen here: and I would try and apply this to the main website as well.

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