Add configuration.ccl "REQUIRES" information to the auto-generated ThornList

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Issue #2269 closed
Bernard Kelly created an issue

Currently, the ThornList auto-generated with a new Cactus configuration displays information on how each thorn interacts with/depends on others, based on the content of the thorn’s param.ccl & interface.ccl. I suggest adding the “REQUIRES” information from the thorn’s configuration.ccl to this displayed summary.

I’ve made simple modifications to two Perl scripts in Cactus/lib/sbin that appear to do this satisfactorily. I’d appreciate an evaluation and application to the ETK. For variety, I’ve put the new information in angle brackets <>, but this is obviously an aesthetic choice.

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  1. Roland Haas

    I made a pull request with your patch, and some extra changes ( See

    Please take a look and if you want to review as ok click on the Approve button.

    Apparently the syntax described for the configuration.ccl files in the UserGuide is not what the parsers actually support. Namely:

    • there is a “REQUIRES THORNS foo bar” line
    • REQUIRES actually takes multiple entries separated by whitespace

    Examples can be obtained from grep -i requires arrangements/*/*/configuration.ccl.

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