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Issue #2294 resolved
Maria created an issue

The master branch of the ETK checked from bitbucket aborts at running nsnstohmns.par, with the complaint:

WARNING level 1 from host babiuct7910-1 process 0

while executing schedule bin CCTK_PARAMCHECK, routine RotatingSymmetry180::Rot180_CheckTensorTypes

in thorn RotatingSymmetry180, file /home/babiuc/Cactus/configs/NSB/build/RotatingSymmetry180/interpolate.c:112:

-> Group "HYDRO_ANALYSIS::HYDRO_ANALYSIS_CORE_RHO_CENTROID_GF" has tensor type "4u" but contains 4 variables in 4 vector elements

cactus_NSB: /home/babiuc/Cactus/configs/NSB/build/RotatingSymmetry180/interpolate.c:113: Rot180_CheckTensorTypes: Assertion `numvars == 4*vectorlength' failed.

Rank 0 with PID 11977 received signal 6

Writing backtrace to nsnstohmns/backtrace.0.txt

Aborted (core dumped)

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