Online documenation does not include arrangement documenation

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Issue #2297 open
Roland Haas created an issue

Cactus supports arrangement documentation in a directory “docs” of each arrangement. These are however not made available online at

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  1. Ian Hinder

    I'm fairly sure this used to work. Is it possible it was lost somehow during the transition to the new website?

  2. Roland Haas reporter

    I have modified the PHP code in git hash 139f6e3 "ThornGuide: link in arrangement guides where they exist" of www to show this, however it needs an updated docker image git hash e8eccd7 "et-website: provide arrangementguide link" of et-websites to work.

    I can log into the server and could kill docker, rebuild the image and restart docker (maybe not necessarily in this order). However looking at the setup the image run is which I cannot update on dockerhub.

    @Steven R. Brandt would you mind updating or restarting the server? Alternatively we can document a way to do update the docker image for others on the Services wiki page and I can follow that.

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