backport SystemTopology fix for hwloc 2.0 to (ET_2019_10)

Issue #2314 resolved
Roland Haas created an issue

The Mayer release fails on Homebrew (using hwloc 2.0.4) with

Assertion failed: (hwloc_compare_types(cache_obj->type, HWLOC_OBJ_L5CACHE) <= 0), function load, file /Users/jenkins/ET_Mayer/configs/sim/build/SystemTopology/, line 607.

which is fixed in git hash aacb23f "SystemTopology: list expected cache types instead of range checking" of cactusutils.

This should be backported since otherwise all Cactus runs using SystemTopology will fail when using hwloc 2.0 either on HomeBrew or when using a modern hwloc from another source.

keyword: backport

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