GetComponents has a zero return code even when all components were not checked out

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Ian Hinder created an issue

When I run GetComponents, I frequently run into what I can only assume are transient network errors of the following form:

Checking out module: CactusNumerical/Cartoon2D from repository: into: ./arrangements svn: REPORT of '/arrangements/CactusNumerical/Cartoon2D/!svn/vcc/default': Could not read response body: connection was closed by server. (

It used to be the case that GetComponents would return a nonzero exit code in this case so that my automated script can detect this and try again. Now GetComponents says:

163 components checked out. 0 components updated.

Unable to process CactusNumerical/Cartoon2D Unable to process EinsteinInitialData/Exact Unable to process EinsteinInitialData/TwoPunctures

Time Elapsed: 270 minutes, 51 seconds

and returns a zero exit code. This is preventing nightly build and test from running.

I am using the version of GetComponents from


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  1. Eric Seidel
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    Can you try your automated script with the git version of !GetComponents? (, or Cactus/bin/GetComponents if you are using the trunk thornlist) I'm not sure how to force a network error of the type you're getting, but I just tested !GetComponents with a fake svn URL, and it exited with a non-zero code. Since !GetComponents writes the line "Unable to process !CactusNumerical/Cartoon2D" it should exit correctly for your situation as well in the git version.

  2. Eric Seidel
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    Closing this ticket because to the best of my knowledge, it was a bug in Ian's testsuite script.

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