make choice of tests to consider runnable an env variable

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Issue #2320 resolved
Roland Haas created an issue

Currently the Cactus testsuite system has not way to select which tests to run other than using the interactive menus shown by make sim-testsuite. Simfactory works around this by copying only the tests requested by a user to the run directory.

Pull request adds an environment (or make for that matter) variable CCTK_TESTSUITE_RUN_TESTS that can be set to the list of thorns and / or test parfiles to run. It uses the same syntax that simfactory uses, so eg “GRHydro” will run all GRHydro tests while “GRHydro Carpet/kasner_amr” would run all GRHydro tests as well as the “kasner_amr” test in Carpet.

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