demo video on how to obtain an account and log into etkhub

Issue #2325 wontfix
Roland Haas created an issue

Getting an account and using CILogon is a bit counterintuitive at times (eg is not the URL used to log in via CILogon).

To simplify explanations I screencapture video may help.

I have prepared such a screencapture logging into my own github account.

Comments would be very welcome.

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  1. Roland Haas reporter

    There is no right now sound, yes (made it easier for me to edit it a bit). A narration would indeed be good. I could do subtitles, though talking may be hard to get the timing right (and ideally we would want a native speaker with a good “telephone voice”).

    I would likely go for a .srt file for subtitles ( which YouTube accepts ( and which one can also burn into the video (

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