Switch Simfactory to use Python3

Issue #2335 open
Steven R. Brandt created an issue

Python2 is officially deprecated. Is it time to move to Python3? See the py3 branch.

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  1. Roland Haas

    This is becoming a bit more urgent since both Debian and Ubuntu seem to be retiring /usr/bin/python and python2 packages are no longer being updated.

  2. Roland Haas

    Would be best if we can figure out what Debian / Ubuntu’s plans are. /usr/bin/python2 is still fine, just /usr/bin/python is no good anymore. If possible we should try and avoid the situation we had with gcc/gfortran-10 where things broke just after the release.

    Otherwise, yes delaying might well be feasible though we may have to comb our python scripts eg GW150914.rpar for #!/usr/bin/env python or similar in the hashbang line.

  3. William Gabella

    I agreed to pull and review, test as well as I can. Some kind of test suite would be nice.

    See Steve’s other pull request on the Python2 version with the --test switch on “sim” which will be changed to --dryrun . Might be a nice way to test sim over a broad range of options. See tickets #2482 and #2483.

    Zach shared a Python3 “lint” er at https://lgtm.com/projects/b/simfactory/simfactory2/?mode=list

    which as of now shows 4 errors, 27 warnings, 161 recommendations. Overall code quality “D” 🙂 Unclear to me whether this is the Steve Python3 code or the current Python2 code.

    Also our current Simfactory is officially Simfactory2; that does not mean Python2. There is a moribund project Simfactory3 out there.

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