FishboneMoncriefID thorn declares write on non-existent variable HydroBase::velx

Issue #2339 resolved
Roland Haas created an issue

The thorn FishboneMoncriefID contains in its schedule.ccl lines like this:

  WRITES: hydrobase::velx(Everywhere)
  WRITES: hydrobase::vely(Everywhere)
  WRITES: hydrobase::velz(Everywhere)

which fail to compile with presync enabled since no such variable exists. The variable in HydroBase is HydroBase::vel[0]etc.

These names seem hard-coded in Tutorial-ETK_thorn-FishboneMoncriefID.ipynb so it is likely as simple as changing the notebook and regenerating the C source code.

Should be fixed before the release at it turns into a blocker once presync is merged into master (meaning the toolkit no longer compiles).

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