Cactus::psync_error = yes without Cactus::use_psync = yes makes all GF unaccessible

Issue #2377 resolved
Roland Haas created an issue

Setting only Cactus::psync_error has the effect of making CCTK_HasAccess to return false for any real valued grid function b/c the current_function string in PreSync.h is never set.

It seems best if setting psync_erro also setting use_psync should not be allowed.

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  1. Roland Haas reporter

    As of git hash 58166448 "Carpet: do not use function name only to identify reads / writes" of carpet this no longer happens though the combination Cactus::psync_error=yes and Cactus::use_psync=no likely still has odd behaviour.

  2. Roland Haas reporter

    Pontially this could be solved by collapsin use_psync, psync_error and psync_only into a single KEYWORD parameter with like so:

    KEYWORD presync_level "how strongly to check data access"
      "no"    :: "disable all runtime checks"
      "check" :: "check allowed access and data correctness at runtime"
      "sync"  :: "automatically synchronize when needed"
      "only"  :: "disallow old-style boundary conditions and explicit synchronization"
    } "no"

    where “check” would be something like psync_error=yes and use_psync=no (so one needs to check that this actually works), while “sync” has them both on and “onyl” adds psync_only.

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