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I was using to download but get lots of

" Warning: Could not checkout module ExternalLibraries/zlib svn: error: The subversion command line tools are no longer provided by Xcode. " It might be nice to correct the thornlist and change the warning to error message. Many thanks!

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  1. Roland Haas

    This is not actually an error in the thorn list since the ExternalLibraries are intended to be downloaded via subversion.

    You will have to install a subversion command to use, for example following the instructions in the new user tutorial:

    OSX has gone back and forth between providing a usable svn client and not doing so.

    Can you let me know which version of OSX and Xcode you are using, please?

  2. Roland Haas

    Having said that, the instructions in the tutorial did not actually anymore include installing subversion. I have just added that.

  3. Roland Haas

    I will close this ticket as “resolved” having updated the tutorial instructions in git hash a71046b "CactusTutorial.ipynb: request that subversion be installed on OSX" of jupyter-et

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