README file for SelfForce code refer to non-existing file

Issue #2399 resolved
Former user created an issue

The file says:

Modify the SConstruct file appropriately to match your compilers and libraries. Example SConstruct files for the intel ( and gnu (SConstruct.gnu) compilers are provided. It should be fairly simple to figure out what changes needs to be made.

however there is no file SConstruct.gnu

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  1. Roland Haas

    Not quite. I had branched ET_2020_05 off ET_2019_10 (assuming no changes). Turns out there was a change to the release branch that is not on master (git hash 1639fda "Latest dockerfile from Steve. Make SConstruct.fedora the default. Rename SConstruct.gnu." of selfforce-1d). That commit makes the release branch (ET_2020_05 and ET_2019_10) incorrect but kept master (and the release tag ET_2019_10_v0) correct.

    So does have the wrong file and so does but master does not.

    I will update the ET_2020_05 release branch and tag ET_2020_05_v0.

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