NewRad cannot be used with Cartoon2D due to 1 interior point only

Issue #2449 resolved
Roland Haas created an issue

NewRad will extrapolate into any boundary region where at least one face is marked as a physical output boundary.

This makes it impossible to use with Cartoon2D (and Cartoon2D’s tests fail if one tries) since Cartoon2D runs have only a single interior point that could be used as a source for extrapolation.

Pull request:

changes this so that NewRad does not interpolate into any region where at least one face is a symmetry boundary.

This assumes:

  • symmetry boundaries are applied afterwards (likely since NewRad is triggerd by user code only in CCTK_INITIAL and not a boundary condition)
  • the symmetry boundary conditions can fill in edges and corners where physical and symmetry boundaries overlap (true for the ones in the ET)

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