turn incorrect reads / writes into errors

Issue #2468 new
Roland Haas created an issue

In the Turing release incorrect reads / writes were handled only as warnings (unless strict checking was requested), however this behaviour was marked as deprecated and errors in reads / writes will be errors starting with ET_2020_11.

These commits / tickets are affected:

  • #2369
  • git hash 28dacab9 "Cactus: make duplicate READS a warning if warn-only" of cactus
  • git hash dd7521ae "Cactus: do not abort for unknown var in mixed-warn mode" of cactus
  • git hash 7670a411 "Cactus: produce warning not error for incorrect groups in READS / WRITES" of cactus
  • git hash 2491a864 "Warn if warn only" of cactus
  • git hash 14291583 "Downgrade to warning" of cactus

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