submit cactuBSSN for SPEC v8 CPU benchmark

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Steps required:

  • Step 1: Complete the legal paperwork. Submit a Search Program Proposal to SPEC through the entry form found at: including:

    • Submitter's name and contact information (email address and shipping address),
    • Name of the application,
    • Programming(s) language used and approximate lines of code,
    • A description of what the application does and how it is used, and
    • A statement declaring that the Submitter has the authority to give SPEC the right to distribute the application as part of a SPEC benchmark suite.
  • Step 2 Initial porting and workload ($1500 upon successful completion)

  • Step 3 Provide workloads and demonstrate profile ($1500 or $2500 upon successful completion)
  • Step 4 Complete Code Testing ($1500 or $2000 upon successful completion)
  • Step 5 Recommendation to the Open System Group (no monetary award)
  • Step 6 Acceptance into the SPEC CPU Suite ($3000 if accepted)

Malcolm Tobias submitted an ADM code for SPEC CPU 2006:

Erik, Gab, Peter, and Jian Tao submitted a BSSN code for SPEC CPU 2017:

SPEC CPU benchmarks are widely used in both academia and industry and have a broad impact in many fields. I hope we could keep Cactus in the SPEC benchmark suite.

Getting ADM into SPEC took several years (

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  1. Roland Haas reporter

    @Steven R. Brandt was contacted by the SPEC team, who seem willing to accept another Cactus / Einstein Toolkit test but would like to not use the very same one as before again.

  2. Roland Haas reporter

    For the SPECv8 contribution we had at one point mentioned 3 options
    that we could propose:

    • McLachlan's ccZ4 formulation (in master)
    • McLachlan's Z4c formulation (in rhaas/Z4c)
    • a version of McLachlan that pre-computes all derivatives as grid
      functions the way that the CUDA code does (in

    Please use this form:

    to voice preference for one or the other.

    At this point none have been extracted and incorporated into the
    min-driver used for SPEC.

  3. Roland Haas reporter

    The attached thornlist and diff for McLachlan (removes LoopControl and some other things we do not want to support) may serve as a starting point. I left in the Scalar output but one could remove IOScalar and LocalReduce and PUGHReduce most likely

  4. Roland Haas reporter

    More parameters hard-coded and some IfThen removed from runtime. Better support for dependency tracking in makefile.

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