Error in .vtk surface files outputted from QuasiLocalMeasures

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Issue #2496 resolved
Former user created an issue

When running the example parameter file for simulating the BBH merger GW150914 (with modifying the .rpar file to have a non-zero out3d_every variable), the surface .vtk files from the QuasiLocalMeasures thorn are not spheres as expected, but some odd shape.

Roland has reproduced this bug, and suggested commit 56a98ded "QuasiLocalModes: Simplify VTK output routine to speed up build times" may be at fault.

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  1. Erik Schnetter

    I wrote this patch? I have no recollection of this happening.

    Do you have more information about the problem? Do you e.g. have one of the VTK files that is broken?

  2. Erik Schnetter

    The array indices are mixed up, and the points are written in the wrong order. Internally, Cactus uses Fortran array ordering, but VTK expects C array ordering. I’m working on a patch.

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