IllinoisGRMHD is incompatible with setting TmunuBase::stress_energy_at_RHS = "no"

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Issue #2497 open
Gabriele Bozzola created an issue

IllinoisGRMHD schedules the conservative-to-primitive methods in the group AddToTmunu. This group is not added to the scheduler unless TmunuBase::stress_energy_at_RHS = "yes". If this parameter is set to no, IllinoisGRHMD doesn’t do the conservative-to-primitive step, quickly resulting in NaNs.

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  1. Zach Etienne

    Thanks for this report @Gabriele Bozzola . My postdoc @Leonardo Werneck and I will add an error message to IllinoisGRMHD if both parameters aren’t set correctly. Hopefully this is fixed before the upcoming release.

  2. Gabriele Bozzola reporter

    In the future, it would be nice to have a permanent fix. I am running some simulations where I need to set stress_energy_at_RHS to no, and what I am currently doing is to change TmunuBase to add always the AddToTmunu group. I think that a clean solution is to change how the primitive solver is scheduled in IllinoisGRMHD avoiding using the AddToTmunu group.

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