Submitting on numrel07 broken

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Issue #250 closed
Erik Schnetter created an issue

I created and submitted a simulation on numrel07. This aborted with the error message below. Note that "queue" is an optional mdb entry.

Executing: ./simfactory/bin/sim create-submit empty-numrel07-2011.01.29-16.57 .03 --parfile=par/empty.par --walltime=1:0:0 --procs=4 --num-threads=4 Error: machine numrel07 is missing a required key: queue DEBUG: Simfactory command: ./simfactory/bin/../lib/ "create-submit" "empty -numrel07-2011.01.29-16.57.03" "--parfile=par/empty.par" "--walltime=1:0:0" "--p rocs=4" "--num-threads=4" DEBUG: Version exported The Simulation Factory: Manage Cactus simulations

Info: defs: /home/eschnett/EinsteinToolkit-hg-vanilla/simfactory/etc/defs.ini Info: defs.local: /home/eschnett/EinsteinToolkit-hg-vanilla/simfactory/etc/defs.local.ini Info: Cactus Directory: /home/eschnett/EinsteinToolkit-hg-vanillaInfo: simenv.COMMAND: create-submit Info: Executing command: create_submitParameter file: /home/eschnett/EinsteinToolkit-hg-vanilla/par/empty.par Info: Configuration name not specified -- using default configuration "sim"Info: Configuration name not specified -- using default configuration "sim" Skeleton Created Job directory: "/home/eschnett/simulations/empty-numrel07-2011.01.29-16.57.03" Executable: "/home/eschnett/EinsteinToolkit-hg-vanilla/exe/cactus_sim" Option list: "/home/eschnett/simulations/empty-numrel07-2011.01.29-16.57.03/SIMF ACTORY/cfg/OptionList" Submit script: "/home/eschnett/simulations/empty-numrel07-2011.01.29-16.57.03/SIMFACTORY/run/SubmitScript" Run script: "/home/eschnett/simulations/empty-numrel07-2011.01.29-16.57.03/SIMFA CTORY/run/RunScript" Parameter file: "/home/eschnett/simulations/empty-numrel07-2011.01.29-16.57.03/S IMFACTORY/par/empty.par"Info: Active Id: -1


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  1. anonymous
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    as of r1177, queue is no longer a required option when submitting. It will default to 'default' if queue is not specified.

  2. Erik Schnetter reporter
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    The default value should be in the mdb entry description, not in the source code. Assigning default values explicitly in the source code leads to two problems: 1. Different routines in the source code may assign different default values 2. Each routine inquiring about the queue has to have code that checks whether the "queue" entry exists, and if not, has to assign the default value.

    If the mdb supplies a default value, then each routine can simply access the "queue" mdb entry and be assured that such an entry exists and has a legal value.

  3. anonymous
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    queue now correctly pulls its default value from the mdb syntax file instead of the sourcecode.

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