try and auto-detect "system" directories to strip from THORN_INC_DIRS and THORN_LIB_DIRS

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Issue #2532 new
Roland Haas created an issue

Currently we use two utilities and to remove “system” libraries from THORN_INC_DIRS and THORN_LIB_DIRS in ExternalLibraries. However the list used is hard-coded and not always correct (see eg #2528).

It may be better to:

  1. make the list of directories to strip option list variables
  2. try to auto-detect them in the Cactus know-architectures files

To auto-detect on GNU/Linux with gcc/ld one can try and use the suggestion on and namely

gcc -print-search-dirs


echo | gcc -E -Wp,-v -

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  1. Roland Haas reporter

    gcc -print-search-dirs will output some more than just the “system” directories since it includes gcc specific locations beyond what eg ld- v reports and also the ones from LIBRARY_PATH it seems. Which should be find since LIBRARY_PATH is late in the search order compared to -L.

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