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Roland Haas created an issue

FLRWSolver provides cosmological initial conditions based on a Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker (FLRW) spacetime, with and without small perturbations.

It also contains a set of tools to create and analyze the data.

If can be found at:

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  1. Theo Anton

    Hi - I’m planning to use FLRWSolver in my research (I’m a PhD student at Queen Mary University of London working on testing GR/modified gravity in cosmology), so having FLRWSolver included in the ET would be really useful to me

  2. Michele Grasso

    Hi, I am Michele, a PhD student at the Center for Theoretical Physics in Warsaw and ET user. I believe that having the FLRWSolver thorn included in the ET would be extremely useful for all the users interested in cosmology. The thorn has already a place among the main codes for general-relativistic simulations of cosmological structure formation (see arXiv:2003.08014). I've used the FLRWSolver in my research on relativistic light propagation and observables extrapolation, see arXiv:2107.06306, and I plan to use the thorn in my future works.

  3. Pierre Mourier

    Hi, I am a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for gravitational Physics in Hannover. Before this I did my PhD on inhomogeneous cosmology and the impact of structure formation in the late Universe on the large-scale dynamics, and this is still part of my research interests. As such, I am currently using the ET and the FLRWSolver thorn for some simple cosmological setups and planning to use them in the near future for more involved cosmological simulations. I think that it would be very useful for such applications of the ET to have it include FLRWSolver in future releases.

  4. Luciano Combi

    I’m a PhD student from Argentina and I’m also interested in using FLRWSolver for future applications. I think it would be very useful if it’s included in the ETK.

  5. Michael Williams

    I’m a PhD student at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, working with Hayley Macpherson (the maintainer of the thorn) and simulations using FLRWSolver are a major component of my PhD research. Having FLRWSolver included in the ET would be useful for me and others doing research in numerical relativistic cosmology.

  6. Roland Haas reporter

    A thornlist stanza to check out FLRWSolver can look like this:

    # FLRWSolver
    # strange path is due to repo name
    !TARGET   = $ARR
    !TYPE     = git
    !URL      =
    !NAME     = FLRWSolver
    !REPO_PATH= ../$2

    where I mimic the naming convention (up to capitialization) suggested in README.Compilation to name the checkout FLRWSolver rather than FLRWSolver_public (this also makes the stanza using a bit less strange REPO_PATH).

    Currently (without running fails to compile so is not “harmless” to include in master (since it prevents the thornlist from compiling).

  7. Roland Haas reporter

    Trying to run `` I find that it requires the cffi package which should be mentioned (as well as any other dependencies not in the base Python set of packages).

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