init_3_timelevels produces nans on past timelevels of the initial slice

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Issue #2554 open
Yosef Zlochower created an issue

I have been running into an issue where I when I interpolate an evolved function I get nans even though there are no nans on the gridfunction itself. The nans appear to arise when the past timelevels (at iteration 0) are initialized by init_3_timelevels and occur near the buffer regions. As the evolution proceeds, these bad past timelevels are overwritten with seemingly good data.

The attached thorn demonstrates the issue by evolving the trivial system

dt_f = 1

In visit you can see nans on the ā€œ_p_pā€ timelevel at iteration 1 (not iteration 0??). The nans go away later in the evolution.

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  1. Roland Haas

    I started to look into this. I certainly still happens, and can be reproduced with a slightly simplified partfile (2 reflevels, 1 mpi rank, euler instead of rk4 time stepping, 0 timesteps) and shows nan in the prolongation region of reflevel 1 on timelevel 1 (but not tl 2 it seems so really only when interpolation in time is required). I will poke around a bit more.

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