update enlcosed tarball in MPI ExternalLibrary to OpenMPI 4.0.6

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Issue #2570 resolved
Roland Haas created an issue

This is actually three changes.

  • first to update the enclosed tarball to version 4.0.6 which is the latest version available in the still supported 4.0.X series of releases. I am not updating to 4.1.X since that version introduces a new library orte-npir or so that is not correctly reported as required by mpicc -showme:link so leads to link time failures for static linking. Older versions fail on clusters with UCX >= 1.7 since UCT changed the ABI and compiling fails.
  • second, add required options to LIBS and CFLAGS, LDFLAGS to ensure all libraries required for hwloc (eg udev) are correctly linked in to avoid configure time failures in when OpenMPI's configure tries to check if hwloc is functinal
  • thridly add pthread to the list of "Linux" libraries since OpenMPI's IO subsystem can use it and linking fails whithout. I am not using an option dependency on ExternalLibraries/PTHREAD because the depenency is in fact not option and happens even when ExternalLibraries/PTHREAD is not linked in.

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  1. Roland Haas reporter

    I do not remember what the typo was anymore, looking at the change I see no English language typos. But I also missed it when I initially committed it.

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