The website does not have citations recommendations for codes in the canuda suite

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Gabriele Bozzola created an issue


do not have any information about codes like Lean/Proca/… (the canuda collection).

Incidentally, I also noticed that the webpage says:

“The primary way to cite the Einstein Toolkit is now by the DOI assigned to the current release doi:10.5281/zenodo.4884780 (key: EinsteinToolkit:2021_05). This method cites the software and assigns credit to the many contributers over the years.”

As you see, the key is outdated. I can fix this, but I reporting this here to ensure that this item to the checklist for a new release. Also, my dictionary underlines the word “contributers” as wrong.

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  1. Roland Haas

    Thank you for reporting these and providing fixes.

    It turns out that these steps are already on the ET release process page (two items actually):
    * and earlier:

    Update einsteintoolkit.bib ( with

    Requested and suggested citations for all thorns in thorn list (10 minutes).
    Latest release info and DOI (from Zenodo entry above)

    so the issue is that steps were skipped (or “thorns” was taken to really mean only “thorns” and not “ET components”).

  2. Roland Haas

    For the Canuda thorns I am not sure if any requested / suggested citations were added at the time the thorns were included. The Proca repo’s in the repo main directory says:

    If you use these thorns as part of your research, we would be grateful if you could cite our work.

    This might be something to check with the Canuda authors. The bibtex file lists only two entries, not sure which one (if any) the authors would prefer (and if they would like something that can be updated easily on their own).

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