TOV_ET tutorial Segfaults when running in Windows 10 WSL

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Issue #2592 new
Former user created an issue

I'm using a wsl machine mounted in windows 10 and i can't seem to make the tutorial work. It always segfaults after a definite time (time 112.000), i tried allocating more memory but it doesn't seem to resolve the issue, also i checked that the sim doesn't take any large amounts of RAM. It used to work on win 11 but i rolled back to win 10 but it doesn't anymore. I completely reinstalled my wsl machine when i got back on win 10. Either way i'm reporting the backtrace

1. CarpetLib::signal_handler(int)   [/home/sam/simulations/tov_ET/SIMFACTORY/exe/cactus_sim(_ZN9CarpetLib14signal_handlerEi+0xb3) [0x56013afdf833]]
2. /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7fbef30cd210]
3. /home/sam/anaconda3/lib/ [0x7fbef3522c73]
4. /home/sam/anaconda3/lib/ [0x7fbef352329e]
5. /home/sam/anaconda3/lib/ [0x7fbef3521900]
6. /home/sam/simulations/tov_ET/SIMFACTORY/exe/cactus_sim(prim2conpolytype_+0x3f6) [0x56013b464e06]
7. /home/sam/simulations/tov_ET/SIMFACTORY/exe/cactus_sim(+0xb9e28f) [0x56013b46628f]
8. /home/sam/anaconda3/lib/ [0x7fbef329ce22]
9. /home/sam/simulations/tov_ET/SIMFACTORY/exe/cactus_sim(prim2conservativepolytype_+0x54f) [0x56013b472fef]