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Frank Löffler created an issue

It would be nice to produce an (autmatically generated) map of the locations of ET users


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  1. anonymous
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    Replying to [ticket:260 knarf]:

    It would be nice to produce an (autmatically generated) map of the locations of ET users

    I recall having used a program (of yours?) that accepted latitude and longitude of various cities, then superimposed markers onto an image file of a world map at corresponding coordinates.

    I could write a script that queries geolocation databases by IP, then plugs the returned coordinates into your map-making program to generate it dynamically. Were we to keep records of this data, we could even visualize the growth of the ETK user base.

  2. Frank Löffler reporter
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    I do have a similar script, for the OpenLayers API (which can use google, but also openstreetmap). I should clean my mess up - but it still means that we need to have the coordinate data.

  3. Roland Haas
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    Daniel George, a grad student at NCSA produced such a map using Mathematica and the google maps API. He says

    I just wanted to add that an interactive Google map can be made by running the attached code to export a CSV file, which can then be simply imported using the map maker here:

    The current map can be found at this link: It should be possible to embed this in the ET website. Each location is tagged with the name of the place as well.

  4. Roland Haas

    In Erik says

    My wife recommends "folium":
    <> This is a Python package
    talking to the "folium" Javascript library that displays the map.

    Here is a simple example:

    In Niels says

    The BHPToolkit map is made using the Google Maps - MyMaps service ( <> As we currently have a small number of users I have just been keeping the map up to date by hand. Unfortunately it does not look like there is a programatic way to use MyMaps ( <>

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