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Liwei Ji created an issue

Hi all,

we have added four more parameters to carpet:

  1. uniformly_split_interior_points_x
  2. uniformly_split_interior_points_y
  3. uniformly_split_interior_points_z
  4. symmetrically_distribute_points_y

The first three parameters are used to distribute the grid points across processors uniformly according to interior points only.

The fourth parameter is used to distribute the (even number of) grid points across (even number of) processors with the first and second half being translational symmetric to each other in y-dir, when the grid points are not divisible by the number of processors in y-dir.

Attached please find the diff with the master branch. Thanks!

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  1. Roland Haas

    Please create a pull request.

    Why only add these 4 parameters and not parameter for all xyz and uniform / symmetric combinations?

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