RePrimAnd thorn requires GSL 2.0 but does not test for it

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The RePrimAnd thorn currently does not document its need for GSL 2.0 in a way Cactus can check.

The meson build file contains the check there is no check in configuration.ccl or

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  1. Wolfgang Kastaun

    What would be the cactus way of requiring a minimum GSL version from the externallibraries GSL thorn?

    Note: The GSL dependence will probably be removed in the foreseeable future in favor of BOOST.

  2. Roland Haas

    There’s no real good way. There is a “version” attached with an ExternalLibrary but that does not give any guarantee about the version of the library actually used (in particular when using a system provided one and not building from source).

    I have a bad way of testing for GSL in: but is is kludgy since I basically do a mini autoconf.

    Meson of course contains the correct version dependency but for the ET build I am not using Meson (too many dependencies on Python).

  3. Roland Haas

    Though if this is slated to be removed in favor of Boost anyway, I may just sit it out. Though boost of course is also not part of the ET and not particularly version stable 🙂

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