Riemann release not compiling with intel 2021.6.0

Issue #2615 closed
Wolfgang Kastaun created an issue

When trying to build a pristine checkout of the Riemann release using the official einsteintoolkit.th provided with the release, compilation of arrangements/Lean/LeanBSSNMoL/src/adm_vs_bssn.F90 fails. I am using intel compilers version 2021.6.0. The issue seems to be a multiline OMP directive

holohome/wolfgang.kastaun/ET/Riemann/Cactus/arrangements/Lean/LeanBSSNMoL/src/adm_vs_bssn.F90(197): error #7844: Invalid directive.
!$OMP a, b, c, m, n)

The code looks like

193 !$OMP PRIVATE( i, j, k, &
194 !$OMP hh, jac, hu, &
195 !$OMP d1_hh11, d1_hh12, d1_hh13, d1_hh22, d1_hh23, d1_hh33, d1_hh, &
196 !$OMP cf1, cf2, gammat, &
197 !$OMP a, b, c, m, n)
198 do k = 1+cctk_nghostzones(3), cctk_lsh(3)-cctk_nghostzones(3)
199 do j = 1+cctk_nghostzones(2), cctk_lsh(2)-cctk_nghostzones(2)
200 do i = 1+cctk_nghostzones(1), cctk_lsh(1)-cctk_nghostzones(1)

I think this is legal but the intel ifort compiler apparently disagrees.

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  1. Wolfgang Kastaun reporter

    After removing Lean from the thornlist, I run into the next problem when building PAPI

    PAPI: Building...
    pfmlib_amd64.c(194): error: identifier "asm" is undefined
    asm volatile("cpuid" : "=a" (*a), "=b" (*b), "=c" (*c), "=d" (*d) : "a" (op) : "memory");

    pfmlib_amd64.c(194): error: expected a ";"
    asm volatile("cpuid" : "=a" (*a), "=b" (*b), "=c" (*c), "=d" (*d) : "a" (op) : "memory");

    compilation aborted for pfmlib_amd64.c (code 2)
    make[6]: *** [/holohome/wolfgang.kastaun/ET/Riemann/Cactus/configs/intelcomp2/scratch/build/PAPI/papi- pfmlib_amd64.o] Error 2

  2. Wolfgang Kastaun reporter

    Compiling GRHydro also breaks because of a multiline OMP directive

    /holohome/wolfgang.kastaun/ET/Riemann/Cactus/arrangements/EinsteinEvolve/GRHydro/src/GRHydro_HLLE.F90(99): error #7844: Invalid directive.
    !$OMP warnline, xpress,xeps,xtemp,xye, dpdrho, dpdeps, cs2)

  3. Roland Haas

    THere’s a max line length for fortran 90, maybe it’s running into that? May guess would also be that it could be any of the !$OMP lines that is off and ifort only reports on the final line?

  4. Roland Haas

    This was discussed for a bit in today’s ET call. Is there a public cluster where this happens and that could be used for testing? Most the XSEDE systems would be fine as well as SupeMUC at LRZ. A less convenient solution would be a pointer to where one can download Intel’s OneAPI and compiler these days.

  5. Roland Haas

    @Wolfgang Kastaun any news on this? If not I am tempted to close due to lack of activity after 2022-12-18.

    My best guess is some line length issue or incorrectly set up FPPFLAGS.

  6. Roland Haas

    Note that if you set FPP you must also set FPPFLAGS (but you can leave both out and get usually sane defaults).

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