NaNs in ADMBASE metric components with RNSID

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Davide Guerra created an issue

I have found a problem related to a parfile that I am attaching here. I used the same parfile with the version of ET 2019_10 “Mayer” having no problems at all, and the latest version of ET having the problem with the presence of NaNs in the ADMBASE:gij where ij are all the components of g. It happens after creating the initial data with HYDRO_RNSID which I checked to be the same between this latest simulation and the previous one with the old version of ET.

Therefore, I attach here the parfile, the .out and the .err files that I used. They refers to the model D2 written in Table I studied by Luca Baiotti et al in the paper “Accurate simulations of the dynamical bar-mode instability in full General Relativity

Thank you in advance.

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