Major update to Baikal/BaikalVacuum

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Zach Etienne created an issue

First off, there are no new features or new parameters/parameter defaults in this update. All math kernels are identical as well. This is strictly the result of a modernization of the code generation infrastructure.

The codegen of Baikal and BaikalVacuum has been updated to conform to the latest NRPy+ standards, which emphasize registration of C functions with NRPy+ instead of oodles of .h files that can be hard to track. Parallel codegen is far more robust, and maintainability has been greatly improved (./ Tutorial-ETK_thorn-BaikalETK.ipynb is the only means to generate the thorns; before the Jupyter notebook contents were completely copied into separate Python modules).

Here are the steps needed to validate this latest version against the original:

  1. Clone the latest NRPy+ repo: git clone
  2. Make sure you have jupyter and sympy installed (pip install jupyter sympy)
  3. Make sure you have downloaded the latest ET release
  4. Go into the nrpytutorial directory and type ./ Tutorial-ETK_thorn-BaikalETK.ipynb
  5. Step 4 above should've generated the updated Baikal & BaikalVacuum thorns.
  6. E.g., go into BaikalVacuum/src/ and diff a RHS file against the latest ET release version via:
    diff -w rhs_eval_BaikalVacuum_order_4.c [path to latest ET release]/arrangements/WVUThorns/BaikalVacuum/src/BSSN_RHSs_enable_Tmunu_False_FD_order_4.c
    notice that -w ignores whitespace differences, which is important since the latest version does proper tabbing. You'll see that the math kernel is identical, and the only differences include things like adding CCTK_ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED to various automatically generated constants, which may not be used and using NGHOSTS=cctk_nghostzones[0] consistently.
    Other RHS orders, Ricci evaluations, and constraint calculations can be compared in a similar fashion.

The pull request is here:

I will merge this pull request on Tuesday Sept 27, unless there are objections.

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