simfactory sync fails with special ssh keys

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anonymous created an issue

If I invoke rsync manually, e.g. by:

[snip] rsync -e "ssh -i .ssh/id_rsa-login-damiana" [snip]

rsync works sucessfully.

I have set the following for hlrb2 in simfactory/etc/mdb/hlrb2.ini

[snip] sshopts = "-i /home/alibeck/.ssh/id_rsa-login-damiana" rsyncopts = "-e \"ssh -i /home/alibeck/.ssh/id_rsa-login-damiana\"" [snip]

Then I am getting the following message:

[snip] Executing: /bin/bash -c "{ :; } && { :; } && ssh -Y mkdir -p /home/hlrb2/pr32pi/lu32vak/tester/programme/Cactus-Luca/Cactus && rsync --rsh='ssh -i /home/alibeck/.ssh/id_rsa-login-damiana \"/bin/bash -c '\''{ :; } && ssh -i /home/alibeck/.ssh/id_rsa-login-damiana'\''\"' --rsync-path=/home/hlrb2/h0152/lu78kog/rsync-3.0.4/bin/rsync -e "ssh -i /home/alibeck/.ssh/id_rsa-login-damiana" --archive --hard-links --sparse --verbose --progress --partial --stats --compress --delete --delete-excluded --filter 'protect .pyc' --filter 'protect .log' --exclude '_darcs' --exclude 'CVS' --exclude 'doxygen' --exclude '.#' --exclude '.DS_Store' --exclude '.git' --exclude '.hg' --exclude '.svn' --exclude '~' --exclude '.pyc' --exclude '.log' CONTRIBUTORS COPYRIGHT Makefile arrangements lib repos simfactory thornlists src" [snip]

The string ..."&& ssh -Y mkdir -p /home/hlrb2/pr32pi/lu32vak/tester/programme/Cactus-Luca/Cactus &&"...

indicates that at some place sim tries to login without using my ssh-key. This is where sim tries to make the mkdir in advance. Later on the rsync command created by sim seems to be correct.

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  1. anonymous reporter
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    When i tried to duplicate this problem uisng the current version of simfactory (revision r1199), I was unable to reproduce the problem. To explain what I did.

    For the machine [eric], I edited etc/defs.local.ini, and added underneath my [eric] section this option: (i'll paste my whole eric section)

    [eric] sourcebasedir = /work/@USER@/cactus allocation = loni_cactus06 make = mkdir -p /work/@USER@/tmp && env TMPDIR=/work/@USER@/tmp gmake -j4 trampoline = sshopts = -Y -i /Users/mike/.ssh/id_rsa

    After adding that and running a bin/sim sync eric, the output received was as follows:

    nfo: executing command: /bin/bash -c '{ :; } && { cd '\''/Users/mike/cactus/Cactus'\'' && { :; } && ssh -Y -i /Users/mike/.ssh/id_rsa mkdir -p /work/mwt/cactus/Cactus && rsync --rsh='\''ssh -Y -i /Users/mike/.ssh/id_rsa'\'' --rsync-path=/home/eschnett/rsync-3.0.6/bin/rsync --archive --hard-links --sparse --verbose --progress --partial --stats --compress --delete --delete-excluded --exclude '\''_darcs'\'' --exclude '\''CVS'\'' --exclude '\''doxygen'\'' --exclude '\''.#*'\'' --exclude '\''.DS_Store'\'' --exclude '\''.git'\'' --exclude '\''.hg'\'' --exclude '\''.svn'\'' --exclude '\''*'\'' --exclude '\''*.log'\'' CONTRIBUTORS COPYRIGHT Makefile arrangements lib manifest repos simfactory src utils par; }'

    As you can see the -i /Users/mike/.ssh/id_rsa was appended to the ssh -Y command.

    From the looks of it, you are using an old revision of simfactory. In the current revision, MDB files are located in simfactory/mdb/machines, instead of simfactory/etc/mdb

    Let me know if you are still having problems with this issue.

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