./ET_executable -O outputs about 19,000 lines

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Issue #2652 new
Zach Etienne created an issue
-O[v], --describe-all-parameters     : describes all the parameters.
                                       v makes this verbose, i.e., it gives
                                       a verbose description of all parameters.

When running the Einstein Toolkit executable with --help, the above command-line option appears. The 19,123 lines of output is terrifying, but could be made less so. For one thing, each element of a parameter array is shown individually, and many arrays have 100 elements. I think the output for arrays should be combined into a single line.

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  1. Roland Haas

    The code for this is in src/main/CommandLine.c in the function CCTKi_CommandLineDescribeAllParameters. A pull request should be straightforward (to remove the parameter vectors one can look at the array_size and array_index members of the properties structure I guess.).

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