failure to regenerate Baikal and BaikalVacuum parfiles from README instruction

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Following the instructions in the README file I am unable to reproduce the example parfiles provided for BaikalVaccum. Instead I get different files.

Please provide instruction that let the files be reproduced.

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  1. Zach Etienne

    Indeed, running the Jupyter notebook that generates Baikal and BaikalVacuum will only create the core C codes. We don’t output other files because they are managed separately.

    In the future we’d like to have everything “generated” when the Baikal* notebook is run. Please keep this ticket open until that day.

  2. Roland Haas

    Well. The parfiles are generated, or at least there are directories Baikal_parfiles and BaikalVacuum_parfiles which contains files of the same name but different content than the files in he ET.

    Those are the ones I am concerned about.

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