Publication webpage is outdated, sphinxcontrib-citations may help keeping it updated automatically

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Gabriele Bozzola created an issue

The publication webpage hasn’t been updated in ~ 14 years judging from the last entry (

A while ago, I developed an extension for Sphinx to solve a similar problem. takes a list of ADS keys and returns a list of papers that cite the given keys. This Sphinx extension can be easily adjusted to automatically populate the publications webpage. The package does not necessarily need Sphinx: one could simply take the and use it. A BibTeX to HTML parser would be required in that case, but there are many available online. Probably, the easiest solution is to include in the www repo both the (which fundamentally depends only on urlib3) and a bib2html parser.

It requires an ADS API key (which can be obtained for free) and I don’t know how this would be handled.

For example, assuming one evaluates, sets the ADS API, and bibcodes = ["2021zndo...4884780E"], the Python function write_citing_bibtex(citations_ads_token, bibcodes, "/tmp/et.bib")will automatically fetch and clean all the entries and produce a valid bibtex file.

I don’t know how the other scripts in the www repo are automatically run, but this could be the same.

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  1. Roland Haas

    We already have a bibtex2html converter for use in the toolkit (on the citations.html page), so that is not a problem.

    We had some discussion on this during today’s call. Details can be found in the minutes.

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