Two open pull requests in EinsteinInitialData

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Issue #2665 new
Gabriele Bozzola created an issue

There are two open pull requests in EinsteinInitialData. One is trivial (English typos, I just opened it), the other concerns a possible typo in TOVSolver. I didn’t check that one.

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  1. Roland Haas

    Please add “Please review” to the associated tickets. This is what the “tickets ready for review” search in each ET call looks for.

  2. Roland Haas

    To the ticket, please. Although, given that it is a simple string search, my prior comment will trigger it.

    Best to put individual links to the pull requests in the ticket as well (in case there are more than 2 open pull requests in EinsteinInitiial). Ideally also link back to the ticket from the pull requests so that one knows which ticket they refer to and which ticket can be closed once the pull requests are closed.

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