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Gabriele Bozzola created an issue

I was browsing the website, and I found three broken links in the support page (in the IRC section). So, I ran a full analysis with and found quite a few broken links. I am attaching an html page with the full list (excluded the ones that returned 403, e.g., arXiv, which doesn’t want to be visited by robots).

Maybe a dead link checker could be added to the website pipeline?

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  1. Roland Haas

    Thank you for reporting these. I had not quite realized there were that many. A link checker would have to be part of a Bitbucket pipeline or GitHub action. Right now there is no pipeline that produces the website, it is plain, unprocessed HTML site. For the website (which does use github actions) I run w3c’s linkchecker and I guess a similar thing could be tied to a pipeline triggered whenever the web-server pulls a fresh copy from the repo.

    The missing png ones are most likely a failure in the HTML thorndoc documentation scripts. Those seem somewhat error prone and dependent on OS version unfortunately.

    The many links to dead clusters should be updated, yes.

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