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Issue #283 closed
Bruno Mundim created an issue

The advanced concepts document:


should be updated and made part of the ET.


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    The latex document is in the thorn CactusDoc/CoreDoc. This thorn should also be part of the ET thornlist.

  2. Bruno Mundim reporter
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    I think this should be included in this release. The documentation needs minor updates such as erasing reference to CactusEinstein. Also it would be of great value if the current public thorns using the tensor tags were listed. In any case these suggestions shouldn't keep this thorn out of the thornlist. So please add it to einsteintoolkit.th

  3. Bruno Mundim reporter
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    Actually the thorn CactusDoc/CoreDoc needs to have the .ccl files added. Otherwise compilation is aborted at CST phase. Also interface.ccl needs to contain:


  4. Ian Hinder

    This doesn't seem to have been added yet, and the soft freeze prevents new components being added. I am moving the release milestone, since there is no urgency for this thorn to be added.

  5. Erik Schnetter
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    I don't see a patch present, but the respective changes should be simple.

  6. Bruno Mundim reporter
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    I will just add to the thornlist. Changes were applied on revision r14.

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