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Ian Hinder created an issue

In SimFactory 1, it was possible to use positional arguments for essential items when creating and submitting a simulation. This saved quite a bit of typing. For example,

sim create-submit test.par 4 12:00:00

The simulation name would be taken from the parameter file name (i.e. "test" here). This feature is missing in SimFactory 2. The equivalent command required now is

sim create-submit test --parfile test.par --procs 4 --walltime 12:00:00


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    This has been added. Use like so:

    simfactory/sim submit btest par/qc0-mclachlan.par 4 3:00:00

    If you don't specify a simulation name (in this case, btest), it will use the file basename of the parfile (qc0-mclachlan) as the simulation name.

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