SimFactory should not clean-up so aggressively

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Issue #304 closed
Ian Hinder created an issue

As far as I can tell, SimFactory 2 currently cleans up all simulations every time it is run. This is not scalable - if you are running with a slow production filesystem, just statting all the simulations could take a very long time. Similarly, if you do a sim sync, it currently cleans up all the simulations on your local machine, as well as the remote machine. Running sim --help even cleans up all your simulations!

This behaviour is very counter-intuitive (certainly not what a user would expect) and not suitable for production systems. I propose that simfactory should only clean up the simulation which is being referred to in the current command.


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    I just posted something in regards to this on the simfactory mailing list. Do you think these changes, which limit the aggressiveness of simfactory's cleanup routines, are enough to solve this issue? If it does not, your idea of limiting the cleanup routine to the simulation being worked on, thus ensuring the correct state of that simulation, is a good idea.

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