Unproper bevaviour of sim submit when changing the parfile

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Issue #317 closed
anonymous created an issue

If I make changes to the parfile of my simulation, and call then simfactory submit with the option --parfile=newpar, simfactory does not take this parfile. Instead of this, simfactory uses an old parfile from the old output-xxxx directory in my simualations direrctory.

This usage of the old parfile might be wished. However, if this is the case, simfactory must complain if invoked with the option "parfile=...". But simfactory does not complain.

In my case, the parfile has been modfied, but I am using the same name.


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  1. Ian Hinder
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    I can reproduce this problem:

    cp simfactory/etc/parfiles/basicrecover.par recover1.par cp simfactory/etc/parfiles/basicrecover.par recover2.par sim create-submit testpar --parfile recover1.par --procs 1 --walltime 1:00:00

    1. Wait for simulation to finish sim submit testpar --parfile recover2.par
    2. Wait for simulation to finish ls -1 /Simulations/testpar/output-????/*.par


    /Users/ian/Simulations/testpar/output-0000/recover1.par /Users/ian/Simulations/testpar/output-0001/recover1.par

  2. Ian Hinder
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    I tried to fix this, but I found that the design of simfactory is that the parfile is not changed between restarts. Specifically, much of the logic for performing substitutions in parfiles is in the create command, not the submit command, and it does not seem to be trivial to change this. Given this, I would say that the main bug is that simfactory doesn't abort when you give it options it doesn't understand. This is essentially the same as

    1. 221 - Simfactory should complain about unused arguments

    which I have just modified to include a comment about this applying to options as well.

    Since you cannot change the parfile between restarts, I have created a new enhancement request

    1. 487 - SimFactory should allow steering of parameters between restarts

    This will require a bit of internal redesign. I am closing this ticket, since it is now covered by the other two.

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